Building Permit Reports Removed from City Website

The commercial project reports have been removed from the City of Harlingen website. The complete archive of reports, which were usually filed under Departments / Planning & Development, is no longer listed on the site’s menu. The last report available before the removal was for the month of April, posted during the first week of May 2010. The page contained a notice saying reports would be published no later than the 10th day of each month.

I can’t say why they were removed, but last month I emailed one of the city’s commissioners to see why they had not been updated. I received no response.

The reports typically list the commercial projects are underway, their estimated cost and completion date. The reports often serve as a gauge for economic development, and as a preview of which businesses and retailers are setting up shop in Harlingen.

Click here to read the April 2010 Commercial Building Report


The project reports can be found here:
The links to this page and other permit report pages have been moved to this page:

Thanks to Robert Serna for doing some detective work!



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6 responses to “Building Permit Reports Removed from City Website

  1. Robert Serna

    I e-mailed Sylvia Trevino on Tuesday evening asking when the May 2010 Commercial in Progress and Permit Issued reports were going to be posted on the site – since we are already in July.

    She responded the next morning. That day, it appeared that the reports were gone. Luckily, she told me how to find them (notice I said find, because the new way kind of hides them):
    Departments > Planning & Development > Building Inspections > Building Inspections Home.

    I also asked when the June 2010 City Commission Minutes would be posted, as well as the Development Corporation minutes (since the last minutes posted were in January). She responded that City Commission minutes need to be approved before being posted, and that they were up for approval that night.

    And I’m assuming since someone (me) asked, she told me that the Development Corporation minutes would be loaded that day (but they still have not been).

    • Mike E. Perez

      Thanks for the detective work. I even looked on that page when I was hunting for them, and didn’t see them. The links are so small and kinda placed randomly on the page.

  2. How about some new postings?

    • Mike E. Perez

      Hi Tony,

      I’m working on it. I’ve got a series that I’m working on. But I’m in the process of buying a house, so I’ve been pretty busy lately.

      Stay tuned.

      • Richard

        How can I send you some information on new companies or offices opening up in Harlingen for your blog?

  3. Mike E. Perez

    Hi Richard,

    You can email me at

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