Potential Game-Changers: A four-part series on Harlingen’s most ambitious developments

Potential Game ChangersMost development projects take months, years, even decades to come to fruition. During that time they are typically shrouded in mystery and rumor. Often, it is because developers refuse to reveal the names of investors (at the investors’ request), and sometimes it’s because a series of legal, monetary and/or construction setbacks puts the development on-hold indefinitely. Regardless, the citizens are rarely in the loop while such dealings are going on. But we still eagerly await the completion many of the potential developments, if only because we so desperately want to see Harlingen grow and prosper.

In this series, I will be discussing four of Harlingen’s most ambitious development projects: The Dixieland Road Corridor, the F Street Corridor, the La Placita District and the Downtown District. My hope is that I can bring as many facts as possible to light, dispel some of the rumors, and possibly spark some ideas for what these potentially game-changing developments can do for the City of Harlingen.

The first project in the series is the Dixieland Road Corridor. Stay tuned to learn more about the thoroughfare’s expansion, Bass Pro Shops, Valle Vista Mall / “Project Room,” Lincoln Corners, Harlingen Corners, and the proposed Dixieland Beach Club.

Note: My apologies for the extended absence. Life got really hectic for a while, and now I’m trying to recover from a nasty summer cold. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on the latest & greatest Harlingen happenings.


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